The Oxfordshire business community is close-knit; we’re brought together in a big way by the B4 organisation and all of the Oxfordshire businesses that support it and each other.

Without one the other could not exist, this is true of B4 and its members, and of all our businesses in this community, along with our their clients, peers and competitors. Working with this understanding is what makes this community thrive, encouraging support and prosperity for all.

Supporting Local Business

Adept Graphics understands this and has been a fixture
in Oxfordshire since 2014 when our company launched to offer fleet branding, vehicle branding and office branding solutions. Since its inception, Adept Graphics has grown at a rapid pace and we’re thrilled to be in a position to give back to the community that has enabled us to grow over these years.

Through NEXUS, developed by B4, Adept Graphics have been able to pay it forward to the community that has supported us, sponsoring Abingdon and Witney College for the NEXUS programme.

Abingdon and Witney College has a campus in Oxfordshire offering an expansive curriculum for school leavers, undergraduates and professionals, part-time learners and apprenticeships, with courses on everything from mechanical engineering through to motor maintenance.

In the NEXUS programme, through the Adept Graphics sponsorship, Abingdon and Witney College will get to enjoy the full benefits of B4 membership for one year, which has allowed Abingdon and Witney College to lock in as an exhibitor at BIO 2020, the prestigious annual Business in Oxfordshire event.

Not only have Adept Graphics supported Abingdon and Witney College through the NEXUS programme, but we also have plans to work with some of their students later in the year, delivering talks on the art of vehicle signage, including workshops on graphics, material, fitting quality control, and more.

Through these workshops, we hope to take on an apprentice who will join us in the team.

Standing Behind a Worthy Cause

In the position to extend our aid further, Adept Graphics have not only sponsored Abingdon and Witney College through the NEXUS programme, but we have also taken on SpecialEffect as our chosen charity. Through this sponsorship, Adept Graphics will be van wrapping the SpecialEffect event van free of charge later this month.

SpecialEffect bring fun and inclusion to the lives of people with physical disabilities through the medium of video games. Using technology to the organisation makes controller modifications, from joypads to eye-control, making gaming accessible for everyone to play to the best of their abilities.

It is with great enthusiasm that Adept Graphics chose
to support SpecialEffect. With an appreciation for video games, the team thoroughly believing in the great benefits that gaming can have to bring families and friends together, creating strong bonds and forming a profoundly positive impact on the confidence and rehabilitation of those with physical disabilities.

By supporting one another through corporate social responsibility initiatives and the B4 community, Oxfordshire businesses can give the community as a whole a leg up. When one thrives, the rest can benefit and grow stronger. It is with this mentality that our Oxfordshire businesses prosper.