Impactful New Fleet Graphics Free for SpecialEffect

Times have been tough for organisations across the UK and standing out has become all the more critical for businesses to keep doing what they do while everyone works out where they stand and what’s to come next. 

While times are strange and challenging for everyone, charities and not-for-profits have a particularly tough lot with many doners now more cautious about how much they can afford to donate, leaving charities in a tricky spot to continue to do the important work they do, while trying to manage amongst all the changes.

Supporting the Community 

As a proud, local Oxfordshire business, supporting our community has been key to how we want to operate here at Adept Graphics. When we were in a position to be able to help, we enthusiastically sought out worthy organisations to support. Earlier in the year, we sponsored Abingdon and Witney College for the NEXUS programme, and most recently we have donated our time and services to complete a free full wrap with Vinyl Graphics for SpecialEffect’s main event van.

Donating Free Fleet Livery to SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect is a charity organisation that we could not be more proud to support. Bringing fun and inclusion to the lives of people with physical disabilities, SpecialEffect uses bespoke technology to create video game controller modifications, allowing anyone, of any ability, to play together. 

From joypads to eye-control adaptions, SpecialEffect brings families and friends together, lessening the divide between abilities, enabling for more connected, playful interactions that foster stronger relationships and happier people all around. 

As avid video game enthusiasts, Ryan and Jay were aware of the powerful impact the SpecialEffect solutions could have on people with physical disabilities and their loved ones and were eager to help them get their brand out, free of cost.

The Power of Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics and Livery not only make vans look professional, but they are proven to build brand recognition, reputation, and thus awareness of what the business does, piquing the interest of passers-by. 

According to UK Government statistics, vehicles will be seen up to 3,000 times per day on their journeys. We’ve estimated that this equates to roughly 4 pence per 100 sightings. If vehicles have high visibility, this can create huge results. 

In the case of SpecialEffect, they had an events van that was going to big fundraising events, yet didn’t have any branding. The team at Adept Graphics immediately spotted this as an opportunity, where we had all the best skills to really make an impact and help. 

With new fleet graphics and livery on their event van, SpecialEffect can now use the van as a backdrop for selfies at events, in addition to it gathering thousands of sightings as it drives from place to place.

Arlon Graphics

The project was supported by Arlon Graphics who kindly donated all the materials free of charge. Arlon Graphics simply offer the best materials in the business. Their DPF 6100XLP is easy to install, with bubble releasing, clean removing pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it an absolute dream to work with, producing results that impress, every time. 

Big Results With Minimal Disruption

Conscious of the importance of this vehicle, we worked closely with SpecialEffect in the design process to ensure that it matched what they wanted to put out to the world, while also ensuring it was designed with the best branding principles in mind. 

With a plan set out, we picked up the van from SpecialEffect, completed the wrap and dropped it back off, finalising the whole solution with minimum disruption to the charity. 

Today they have a professionally wrapped events van that sends a powerful message to anyone who passes it and will prove an even more valuable asset once events start up again and SpecialEffect send the van out as a selfie backdrop and first-class branding tool. 

Adept Graphics are fleet graphics and fleet livery experts, ready to help you get your brand to the world.