Vehicle Wraps
And Signs

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is often one of the most cost-effective methods of getting the corporate message across. Your vehicle will be on the road and will be viewed by possibly thousands of potential clients daily.

It is therefore crucial to ensure livery design is eye-catching and the message simple and brief enough to be effective and understood whilst the vehicle is both on the move and stationary. Your needs may range from the simplest of logos to a full digitally printed wrap

Adept can assist with the design right through to installation recommending only the correctly specified and warranted materials, giving you peace of mind and guarding against failure or fading due to UV degradation, both of which can adversely affect your company’s image and style.


The most cost effective way of getting your brand on the road. A simple sign written vehicle can be just as effective as a vehicle wrap if designed in the correct way, perfect for small companies and ambitious startups


There are no limits to what you can achieve with full & partial vehicle wraps as you can completely change the appearance of your vehicle to any design that you desire. It’s the perfect way create a truly unique advert for your business.


Bored of your vehicle colour? Not only can we transform your vehicle to any colour and finish using the very best quality wrapping films, you will also protect the original paintwork if the wrap was to be removed..

lorry wrap


We can produce and install almost any type of graphic with our specialist films Anything from trucks, boats, bikes, and even planes! We can create stunning designs for your bespoke project, which will give you the WOW factor



Here is a selection of some of our recent vehicle and sign work. We work with many local businesses here in Oxfordshire right through to national fleet companies and no job is too small or too large.