How Adept Graphics manages a fleet job with hundreds of vehicles

Here at Adept Graphics we’re always banging on about how we out perform and add more value than the big players in our industry, so we thought we’d tell you a quick story to explain why that is.

A bit of a crazy job

Hyperoptic – a superfast broadband provider got in touch with an urgent job that needed turning around fast. It would have been a tricky enough job to do anyway, but to change straplines on 50 vehicles, while they were out on jobs all around the country – from London, Reading, and Birmingham to Manchester and Scotland, in just 7 days, including producing and installing the graphics, was a big ask.

Getting started

Despite the tight fixed deadline, we needed to produce the kits quickly to the same high quality as all of our work, and get our fitting teams out on the road fast, to get moving on the installations. This is exactly the type of job where a smaller company like Adept really comes into it’s own. Our dedicated professionals worked continuously to get the graphics produced within a short timeframe, so we could start fitting within 24hrs.

The challenging bit

The next step was to individually contact all of the 50 drivers to arrange a suitable time for us to meet them on the road and install the graphics, daytime or evening. At Adept we love a challenge. Being a small nimble operation, we knew that we could handle this type of project and deliver a high quality service.

Installing stickers outdoors? Yes we can!

It’s not generally wise to do installations outdoors but because of the deadline, we had no choice. We had to come up with a solution to install graphics in any weather conditions. We ended up creating bespoke covers for protection against wind or rain and we also installed generators in our vans, in case we needed power.

Playing hard to get

One of the biggest challenges to overcome was that the Hyperoptic vans were not only spread around the country, but they were constantly on the move installing broadband into homes. So, we had to catch them on their routes, without disrupting their schedule or slowing them down.

The logistics

We had to find the fastest, most efficient routes so we could meet the Hyperoptic drivers and not waste precious time travelling between their vans. Again this was something most bigger vehicle branding companies would struggle with.

We set up our communications, similar to a continuous live chat between Adept’s central control, our installers and the Hyperoptic drivers. This meant we were able to constantly stay on top of everything and tweak the schedule as required, to rearrange rendevouz at short notice if we needed to.

Why could we deliver this job better than a big competitor

You might think a bigger company would have the resources to do the job but in reality, they’re usually booked up well in advance. Adept is a smaller, more nimble company with more capacity (even with less staff), which means we can be far more flexible to fit around our customer’s needs.

Because of our size, it’s relatively easy for us to move jobs around or upscale our manpower to fit a job at short notice and make swift changes as required by our customers, to deliver whatever it is that they need from us. Bigger players in this industry however, can take hours, even days to find a suitable solution and deliver on a job like this.

We even finished early

Oh by the way, we forgot to tell you the end of the story. We successfully installed all of the graphics on all 50 vehicles with two days to spare! We finished in 5 days instead of 7, and Hyperoptic were hyper-happy with our commitment and drive to get a quality job done for them, fast.