Environmental Policy & Carbon Negative Certification

Adept Graphics is proudly carbon negative, investing in initiatives and activities to offset our carbon footprint. Working with vehicles and plastic wraps, founders Ryan and Jay have always been conscious of the impact of the Adept Graphics business on the environment. Delivering premium vehicle wrapping solutions is a passion, but preserving the planet is an equal priority for the Adept Graphics team.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

Over the years, we have invested in technology – such as the HP 800W printer – to allow for more eco-friendly vehicle wraps by using better inks, reducing harmful fumes and recyclable cartridges. Technological innovation has been a great progression allowing us to take steps internally to reduce what we emit. But it was important for us to not only reduce. We wanted to be carbon negative.

Carbon Negative Certification

Through Positive Planet, the Adept Graphics business offered complete transparency around our business processes to highlight emissions and set goals on how to neutralise them. This is done through tree planting initiatives, investing in programs that work on carbon reduction and supporting other activities that reduce carbon emissions so that we can offset ours.

Adept Graphics carbon-negative certification is more than lip service. It’s a core value in our business and a deep passion amongst our staff and our business leaders. We love what we do, and we want to continue doing this while living with the peace of mind that we have done what we love without harming the planet for ourselves or future generations.

To check out our carbon negative certification – complete with a view of our emissions, our targets and all the activities we are doing to offset them – check out our Positive Planet profile. There you can see what we’re doing and also find other businesses working to do their part to eliminate their footprint, and together we can all make decisions to support those who support our planet.

Positive Planet

Positive Planet offers a Certified Carbon Negative programme that recognises small to medium sized businesses who are committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. The Positive Planet programme helped Adept Graphics to measure their energy and water consumption, travel, and the amount of waste they create. In order to achieve their accreditation Adept Graphics have shown good practice in sustainability as well as committing to reduce and offset their carbon emissions annually.

As a direct impact of their offsetting and tree planting activity Adept Graphics support the Eden project and United Nations certified carbon reduction projects, to help the environment and improve lives. Over the next year Ryan and the team will support the planting of over 1200 trees and offset more than 124 tonnes of carbon. “Working with Ryan and the team at Adept Graphics has been a really interesting project for us at Positive Planet.” commented Stephen Henry, one of the Founding Partners at Positive Planet

“When Ryan approached us he had already taken some action to make his business more environmentally sustainable, but he wanted to understand his business carbon footprint and understand how the business could further reduce its emissions and climate impact. We understand that most small businesses find the concept of measuring their carbon footprint quite daunting, so we made the process for Ryan fast, simple and affordable.”

Stephen Henry

Founding Partner at Positive Planet