Free Fleet Branding MOT With Adept Graphics

Adept Graphics understands that busy business owners and fleet managers need efficient vehicle graphics solutions that don’t cost the Earth and compromise quality. We also appreciate that identifying top-quality suppliers can be challenging, and a wrong move can significantly cost your business.

To help make it easier, and more comfortable, to find your perfect fleet graphics partner, we have designed a fleet branding MOT, free of charge.
Through the Adept Graphics new fleet branding MOT, we’ll tell you what’s right with your fleet and what needs to be improved. We’ll also wrap one of your vans for free.

How Your Free Fleet Branding MOT Works

Step 1

Adept Graphics comes to your site to assess your fleet branding

The Adept Graphics team can come to you to conduct your free fleet branding MOT, assessing your current fleet livery to identify what needs to be improved. 

Step 2

You receive a free diagnostic report

Following our onsite assessment, the Adept Graphics team provides you with a diagnostic report that assesses whether your fleet graphics are consistent and whether the materials meet the specifications to avoid failures. In addition, we explore if there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce and install your graphics. And whether your company is losing money as a result of a poor accident repair service. 

With this report, you have a complete overview of where you thrive and where you could improve so that you’re best equipped to make informed decisions about what you need.

Step 3

Try a free wrap before you buy

There’s no better way to highlight the Adept Graphics difference than to show you first-hand. To test our solution, we offer all brands a free wrap for one of the vehicles in their fleet.

Step 4

Enjoy a fleet branding partnership that gets you noticed

No matter your fleet size, Adept Graphics is a consultative partner to help your fleet get noticed on the roads, for all the right reasons.