When your business has a fleet of vehicles, you want to make sure that those vehicles represent your brand, look professional and help you capture attention from potential clients. Vehicle wraps help you achieve this, and for businesses that prefer more subtle fleet branding, partial wraps could be the answer. 

Unlike full fleet wraps, partial fleet wraps work by wrapping just part of your vehicles or applying other solutions, like stickers, to elevate your brand rather than totally wrapping your vehicles. This partial modification of your vehicles’ exterior helps to create consistency so that your customers recognise the vehicles that pull up outside. And those who see you on the road know who to call when they need your services.

We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Adept. It’s been a natural progression from working with them on our own vehicles to working with them on their own workwear. It feels like a natural foot forward to be more joined up to support our collective customers. Same values, same ethos, same appreciation for each other. Together we have our customers covered.

Darren Aston, Aston and James

Partial fleet wraps for full impact

Vehicle branding solutions are powerful to create brand recognition and emphasise professionalism. While the team at Adept Graphics can work with you for both full fleet wraps or part fleet wraps, we firmly believe that both bring a big impact and which is best depends on your business. 

Whether you have a fleet of cars, trucks, vans or any other unique vehicles, Adept Graphics can work with you to design branded partial wraps that will look awesome on your vehicles and will capture the attention of your customers. 

We work with our clients as partners, able to adapt to each project as needed, whether it’s all hands on deck in a consultative role or simply taking directions from your team to execute on your design direction. 

Partial fleet wrap pricing can differ depending on the number of vehicles, their size, and the wrap’s specifications. To showcase the benefit of Adept Graphics vehicle wraps, we offer the first wrap free for fleets.