Adept Graphics Goes Carbon Neutral

In the fleet branding business, opportunities to innovate and, in parallel, reduce carbon footprint are not always easy to come by. There is a balance to be kept: providing solutions with the highest-quality, sturdy and long-life materials on the one side. On the other: keeping chemicals, waste and carbon-heavy activities and products to a minimum. 

Conscious of this balance and passionate about the preservation of our planet, Adept Graphics has long practised reflection on our impact and what’s within our ability to change. Innovations in technology – such as the HP 800W printer – have let us create first-class graphics that address and minimise environmental concerns about ink chemistry and air quality, as well as product lifecycle considerations. 

Beyond these technological changes and environmentally conscious practices at the office and at home, it isn’t easy to do more within the scope of what we use and how we recycle and reduce our carbon footprint. Thus, for our team at Adept Graphics, it became imperative to look at how we can instead offset our carbon footprint to become a carbon-neutral organisation.

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Becoming a Certified Carbon Neutral Business

Everything we do in business and in life leaves an imprint. Removing these activities is not always an option, but we can acknowledge what we create and offset it to give back to the Earth whatever we use. At the end of the day, we wrap vehicles. Vehicles emit carbon, and wraps do, too. But we can neutralise what we consume to ensure that our footprint is nil. This is the basis of becoming a certified carbon neutral business.  

Through certification via Positive Planet, we commit to being held accountable, offering full transparency of our operation – both how we emit carbon and how we offset that carbon footprint.  

To become certified as carbon neutral, we have to share complete insight into our operation and actively take on activities that nullify any emissions we produce. This means that we plant trees, invest in climate change activities and support other initiatives that reduce carbon emissions in order to offset ours. 

Certification is an ongoing commitment, and we’re devoted and proud to transparently share what we’re doing to be a conscious business, delivering eco-friendly vehicle wraps that don’t compromise on quality or the wellbeing of our planet.

“Working with Ryan and the team at Adept Graphics has been a really interesting project for us at Positive Planet.” commented Stephen Henry, one of the Founding Partners at Positive Planet

“When Ryan approached us he had already taken some action to make his business more environmentally sustainable, but he wanted to understand his business carbon footprint and understand how the business could further reduce its emissions and climate impact. We understand that most small businesses find the concept of measuring their carbon footprint quite daunting, so we made the process for Ryan fast, simple and affordable.”

Stephen Henry

Founding Partner at Positive Planet

Follow Our Carbon Neutral Journey

Through Positive Planet, anyone can browse organisations to see what they’re emitting and what they’re doing to offset those emissions. On our Positive Planet profile, clients and anyone curious can see what activities we’re invested in at any given moment, what our targets are and how we’re tracking against them. 

Check out our Positive Planet profile here, do your due diligence and work with organisations that do their part to minimise their footprint on the planet we all enjoy together. 

To learn about our eco-friendly vehicle graphics solutions, get in touch with the team at Adept Graphics today.