Embrace Circular Recycling with MetaStream®: Adept Graphics Commitment to Sustainability

Amid sustainability taking a prominent position on the global agenda, businesses are now more determined than ever to achieve their environmental goals. If you’re seeking ways to reach your own environmental targets, consider incorporating sustainable signwriting and fleet graphics into your efforts. These strategies can play a significant role in your pursuit of sustainability objectives.

Use Adept Graphics for producing your vehicle liveries and graphics, and MetaStream® to recycle them into new products that can themselves be recycled. Join the circular economy with Adept Graphics and MetaStream®. In other words, Take Make and Re-Use the responsible route by recycling vinyl into a myriad of useful products, from traffic cones to children’s play equipment.

MetaStream® is a certified closed-loop recycling initiative that recovers all production waste and end-user products, turning them into useful articles that can themselves be recycled time and again. This circular recycling initiative has far-reaching scope for application keeping valuable resources out of landfill and incineration streams and enabling you, when it comes to your fleet, to be more environmentally responsible. 

High Impact Graphics. Low Impact Materials.

MetaStream® allows Adept Graphics to make your liveries and commercial graphics recyclable. When the campaign’s over, or the livery retired, the graphics are recovered and MetaStream® turns them into hard-working articles that can themselves be recycled at the end of their lives. No landfill. No incineration.

PVC. Freed.

MetaStream® works with long proven, top-quality vinyl materials that Adept Graphics know well and trust to perform. Materials available include coloured SignVinyl for high-impact lettering and logos, MD-Class digital media for printed graphics and livery, and durable overlaminates for protection. Other materials don’t offer the performance needed for high performing graphics and are typically consigned to landfill or incineration.

Why Now?

Adept Graphics sustainability goal is to reduce our environmental footprint as far as is practically possible. Care of the environment is everybody’s responsibility and we take our share seriously. That responsibility impacts all our business activities and drives our planning and decisions.

Why Choose Adept Graphics?

1. Design-Driven Approach

Design is paramount in everything we do. It must be thoughtful, effective, and innovative. A great design is non-negotiable for any van or fleet, and we are fully engaged throughout the entire process.

2. Tailored Solutions

Whether you have existing artwork or need a fresh design, we collaborate to find the perfect blend that confidently represents your brand in the market.

3. Expert Printing

With cutting-edge latex digital printing and eco-friendly materials, we produce vibrant graphics that leave a lasting impression. Our meticulous printing management ensures top-notch results.

4. Seamless Installations

Our skilled team takes pride in transforming your vehicle with precision and attention to detail. Installing graphics, sign writing, and vehicle wraps is an art form for us, providing that competitive edge.

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